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Lots of Digital Memories?  Are they all protected?
Cloud Backups?  Not sure how to set it up or if its working, give us a call. 
Don't trust the cloud thingy, or like the idea of your files all over the internet, we can help you setup your own backups, or we also offer a personal service, where we will come round and do the back up for you every month to make sure it gets done, we can then leave this with you to put in a safe place.

Concierge Service

For those who want someone to just make IT things happen


We Just LOVE Gadgets, if your having problems with yours get in touch

PC Service & mot

You Service your Car and Boiler why not your PC?

PC Repairs

For When it Won't turn on, make a noise, or making abnormal noises

WIFI & Networking

Are things not talking to each other?

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