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Computer Repairs

Sometimes just turning it off and back on again isn't enough!
You could spend a few hours looking around the web, trying to fix the problem yourself, trying many different things and end up going around in circles, or you could give us a call, and watch a movie or football match, go out for a meal or if your feeling really extravagant within 3 hours, you could be having coffee in Paris?
For Hardware problems we keep in stock a small selection of "standard" hardware parts, else due to the constantly changing and diverse markets, we order in parts as and when required to keep costs and overheads down to a minimum, which can be passed onto you.
We do RAM upgrades, Hard disk Upgrades, Fix Broken Laptop Screens, Graphics Cards, and Power supplies, We also do Mobile and Tablet repairs.



Protect your digital memories

Concierge Service

For those who want someone to just make IT things happen


We Just LOVE Gadgets, if your having problems with yours get in touch

PC Service & mot

You Service your Car and Boiler why not your PC?

WIFI & Networking

Are things not talking to each other?

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