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Computer Service or MOT

You use it all day every day, and probably bought it a few years ago.
So when was the last time you gave it a tidy up and a service?
Your computer or laptop needs regular maintenance to keep it working at its best. Just like your car which requires an annual MOT, computers and laptops also really benefit from a periodic computer Service or MOT.
If you computer is running slow or has annoying pop ups, maybe you have lots of programs that appear to have appeared from nowhere?
You may have error messages or it takes a long time to boot up. All of these symptoms (and others) are signs that a computer repair or computer service is required.
We also give free advice to you to check if a service or computer repair is necessary. Call us or get in touch for free advice on computer repairs and laptop repairs.


Protect your digital memories

Concierge Service

For those who want someone to just make IT things happen


We Just LOVE Gadgets, if your having problems with yours get in touch

PC Repairs

For When it Won't turn on, make a noise, or making abnormal noises

Wifi & Networking

Are things not talking to each other?

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