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We provide:
Onsite Support - We come to you, have a cup of tea and go through all your computer and IT related issues, to save you having to unplug and bring it to us not to mention remembering where all the cables go.  If some of your computer problems look as though they will take a long time to fix we will offer to take your computer back to the office to save you money and biscuits. We charge £55 (+VAT) an Hour while onsite (With a no fix no fee policy).
Remote Support, - Some issues can be resolved without having to come and visit you, this allows you to put the washing on, take the dog for a walk or sit and pretend to be working while we fix your problem.
Offsite Support, - We can collect, fix and then return your computer to your home or place of work, for an agreed price.
You are also welcome to drop it off (with prior notice) and collect for a cheaper service.
Computer Service / MOT - (It needs a service Just like your Boiler or Car needs one) When did your computer last have one?


Protect your digital memories

Concierge Service

For those who want someone to just make IT things happen


We Just LOVE Gadgets, if your having problems with yours get in touch

PC Service & mot

You Service your Car and Boiler why not your PC?

PC Repairs

For When it Won't turn on, make a noise, or making abnormal noises

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